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I think BritBoy summed up the best theories nicely. If Tom and Katie just acted like normal people, the rumors would probably die. My personal opinion is that that baby is older than they're saying. I was extremely suspicious when Tom Cruise told Diane Sawyer in an interview that the baby's birth would not interfere with his promotion of MI3: "That will never happen!" he said. Well, when you're expecting a baby, you have no way of knowing exactly when the birth will occur. Unless the baby is already born and you're covering it up somehow. Think about it.


October 3, 2006

Lauren Taylor

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- L



What happened to you guys? Gosh.

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great blog i love it


celebs always changing belief


I love the header

James Taylor

I like the puppy picture. It caught my eye though. I think Suri is cute of course it's Tom's baby. By the way, I have a spreadsheet here if you have few things to share kindly check it out:) Thanks in advance!


such a cute puppy :X

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