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Hehe, when I heard it on the radio this morning, I thought it was Lou belle. I really need to clean out my ears!

maybe we should use names of fish

cos you know
they dart around
and a kindo irridescent
and those shoals
its almost as it the know what everyone else is doing
like meerkats
lokking out for each other
just a loosly kniw group
run by a matriarch

i 'm assuming?

so females have the right to say yes or no to sex
they have the right to choose whether to use contraception or not
any baby aborted will appear as a kitten

look after them
its your baby
just a lower dimensional version of it
each dimension has its own animal kindgdon
or vice versa

or maybe they are all the same in the end

because it all starts with two self aware cells
that joing together and cooperate

they dont have to be together for ever

[apparently] :)

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When I heard it on the radio this morning, I thought it was Lou belle. I really need to clean out my ears!

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I just wanted to say I appreciate the webcam of the river. I moved to Southern England about a month ago from the Quad Cities and I have to say I don't feel quite as homesick.

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