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He said that his 'system' is completely empty and because he is getting fluids only - he should only have to go #1 - for which he has a catheter.


that is not as funny though


Number 2!
Number 2!
Number 2!
If theres justice in the world!


I was watching Regis and Kelly the other day and they said that doctors are worried about his skin. The water he his in is salt water and it is set at 98.6F/37C (body temperature). The thing is, when skin stays in a brine like that too long.... like what we have here.... the skin starts to decay...

Number 2 may be his saving grace from keeping his skin from falling off...


wow, that is really gross! So does anyone know what it is that he is actually trying to prove, other than what a fool he is? I guess i should be impressed by his stunt, but really im not. I think I would like him more if he was just trying to hold his breath for the longest time. This staying in a tank thing is utterly pointless!


Nothing to add, other than a silly joke I read earlier:

Q : What happens when you hold a mirror up to David Blaine's tank?

A : He thinks it's another magician and tries to attack it.

(love your site!)


ei wanna see some magic


uh, excuse me?

what is number 1 and number 2? i can't relate with your conversation that much. :))


hmm. okay, i saw it. STUPID. i didn't read til the last sentence. :|

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David is amazing he perform incredible magic tricks that caught my attention once i saw him go trough glass to recover a watch from a jewelry store that was close who can you explain that .


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