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I am quite sure that Katie's "bump" is simply a well placed basketball. Go on Katie, remove the sports equipment and for your life!!!!


I am simply amazed by this.
The proof is in the picture
A. she still wouldn't be that high up that far along
B. Um where does her belly connect in the lower half, it's definitely just floating there.
Have to agree w/laurenzo on the back that it looks like when i was a kid and stuffed a basketball under my shirt LOL


*fact not back, wtf was i thinking lol


Its just not right! although, if they are faking it, you would think that they would get a more convincing bump than this! Its not as if they can only afford basketballs!


Maybe it is a golden, diamond encrusted basketball signed by Xenu himself? Now THAT would be worth hiding up your shirt!


WTF?! Is this picture real and current? I definately want to post this on my site if it's current. It's looks like a beach ball under there.


It is real, and it is current! check it out here,

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