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You're confusing a legal annulment from a Catholic annulment. A Catholic annulment doesn't deny that there was a relationship--it says no sacrament of marriage was never entered. It recognizes the civil marriage, but it is null and void in the eyes of God.

Either way, I'm pretty sure Kidman's marriage is easypeasy for legal AND religious annulment.

Do more research before you write about religion. It makes you sound like an ass.


Actually I am not. According to reports, Nicole asked for a Catholic annulment. The reasons listed above are, in fact, commonly cited reasons for the annulment of marriages by the Catholic Church: these are given reasons as to why the sacrament of marriage was not actually entered. At no point does this post imply that the annulment is on the grounds that there was no relationship, I think you are misunderstanding what was written. Please read posts carefully before commenting, it does make you sound like an ass.

The reason that Kidman allegedly wants an annulment from the Church is that she is believed to want a Catholic wedding if she marries her current beau. Even if a person was not previously married in a Catholic ceremony, the Church still demands that the person must obtain an annulment before marrying again in a Catholic Church, as Catholics recognize the indissolubility of any baptized person's marriage. Alternatively, Kidman may not be seeking an annulment, but may instead be seeking to have her previous marriage discounted because it was conducted contrary to the Ne Temere requirements. If this is the case, the problem is not with us, but with the source of this story.

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No, you were citing reasons for legal annulment. I know this after having obtained a Catholic annulment and actually witnessing and experiencing it firsthand.

It is not only about consummation/insanity, what have you, but the day of the wedding, and if a sacrament was entered. Whatever, dude, sorry you can't take some criticism without getting defensive. Jesus.


I was not saying they are the only reasons, but nonetheless, they remain commonly cited reasons for Catholic Annulments. They are considered conditions under which the sacrament was not entered. If, from the day of the wedding, some essential element is deemed to have been missing, they can declare that the sacrament has not been entered. For example, psychological incapacity, and absence of a proper intention to have children, be faithful, or remain together until death, are considered reasons that the wedding was not valid in the eyes of God.

I am sorry that you have had to go through an annulment, but not all annulments are for the same reasons, and regardless of your experiences, this remains the canon law. I direct your attention here;


You both miss the point. Kidman will get her marriage anulled because she did not observe the canonical requirement to get a dispensation to marry outside the church. This is a requirement only for Catholics. It is also not true to say that civil unions are null and void in the sight of God. This is only the case if a Catholic tries to marry with a civil ceremony. The Church recognises civil ceremony marriages as sacramental and indisoluble if they are between two baptised (non-Catholic) Christians or between a Catholic and another baptised Christian if dispensation is granted and the marriage is later blessed. The legal marriage between any two human beings who are not baptised cannot be anulled because it was not in a Catholic Church, but it can be dissolved, ie. a Church divorce can be granted, by the authority of the pope.

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I think the main point that has been missed is that this is a celebrity gossip site; not a forum for discussing the ins and outs of canon law. Lets keep it suitably superficial...

The plain and simple truth is that as modern westerners we bristle at the idea of anyone telling us what we can and cannot do - especially if we don't see the "why" behind it. We all know why you can't yell "fire" in a packed theater - other people will get hurt.
Jesus who founded and builds the Catholic Church (using fallen people, of course) does not say "Anyone who divorces and marries another commits adultery" because he's a big killjoy. He does so because he knows what true marriage is, that it's for life, and it is the building block of the family. To say to another "I don't want you to be a part of my family anymore" is a horrible offense against the individual and against that small society we call the family.
Annulment, contrary to what many people think, is not a church sanctioned divorce. In technical terms it is actually a Declaration Of Nullity. Since a marriage is a specific event both in society and (even more specifically) in the Church, certain things must exist for a marriage to take place. For example, I like 4th of July's fireworks displays, but if I got to the park and all they did was play the national anthem, sell hot dogs, and wave the flag, I would be quite confused if someone said "wasn't that a great fireworks display" when it NEVER HAPPENED!
For a marriage to occur in the eyes of the Church, it needs to meet certain criteria regarding both the external event (who, what, when, where and how) and the ability of the individuals to truly consent to the internal reality of the event. If you think this is odd, try to get a marriage license from the State to wed your cocker spaniel - it won't happen (at least not without some deceit).
So when my knee jerk reaction is to blast the Church or the Pope or Jesus or religion in general, I ask myself this questions, "who died and made me God?"


Make love, not war!


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