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Ass Bandit

Shouldn't the explanation of your site be: "Celebrity Religion Gossip at it's most Irrelevant"?? Also Jordan is evil.
I love the site really.


Oh Ass Bandit... You can dis my site, but never, ever diss Jordan! She is amazing. The Orange skin, the massive tits, the skanky blonde hair extensions, her retarded kid... whats not to love?

Ass Bandit

Well everything actually. She is the epitome of what is actually wrong with society. She garners more media attention than the environment, politics and famine combined. She also has some how deluded the female populus into believing that she holds the eternal answers to weight loss, fashion and love. when all she really knows is how to get her boobs out.
They are nice boobies though!


Um, who is Jordan? Really.


Posh is interested by religion ??? But the red bracelet is also a sign for pro-ana. Or Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie are also Kabbalah ?


hey! if you look here:
then you will see that Lohan has been quite open about her interest in Kabbalah for a while now. How seriously she takes it is another story! ;-)


I'm interested in kabballah too because they are weird but I don't thik I would join it.

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