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About me? No no no, you mean about us! Yes, there are two of us! Lauren and Charlotte, born and raised by a pack of wild dogs. Our first contact with civilisation occured when we found a discarded copy of Heat magazine in the woods. "What is this?", we asked in our bark-like dialect. Since then we have never looked back!
We realised that the lives of celebrities helped to bring meaning to the ordinary people and as such, we have dedicated our time to following their every move. How could we make our research more effective? Well, we went to university and got ourselves a couple of masters degrees in History and Religious Studies (and a little MSc in cultural studies, with another one on its way). With these credentials under our belts we decided that NOW was the time to share our knowledge with the world. So here we are. Ready to fulfill all of your celebrity religion needs.

Let us assure you that we respect all religions and we do not mean to offend (too many) people. We just find it amusing to point out the self-serving nature of many celebrities religious beliefs and the ridiculous culture that surrounds them! Oh, and don't sue us! This website expresses our opinions and internet based rumours, not gospel truth!


Charlotte: god, celebrities, cheese (not in that order) Lauren: Death, celebrity houses and the Anatomy Act of 1832 (it's the best one)